I must admit it to myself, that sometimes I get to compare my son’s development with my friends’ kids. I tend to get upset and worried if Akyn couldn’t deliver the skills that other kids can.

I reviewed my lessons in Pediatric Nursing about a child’s milestones and development, that was when I came back to my senses. My son is perfectly normal. He has his own  learning pace designed uniquely different from others. I don’t need to compare him with the other kids. My role as his mother is to support his learning process.

I have learned to embrace Akyn’s learning pace and enjoyed every bit of his progress. I can still recall when Akyn learned to pull himself into a standing position, I was so excited for him to take his first step. I didn’t rush him to walk though. I want him to walk based on his timetable, not mine. I loved seeing him progress day by day. He helped himself move towards the opposite side by holding on to pieces of furniture. I gave him a positive reinforcement by showing him I was happy every time he would let go and would try to stand alone. His first step was a challenge. He tumbled several times. While I watched him fall, at the back of my mind I was saying,”I know eventually you will learn how to walk.”

Today (February 11, 2017), Akyn surprised us when he started walking alone without anyone holding him. I was able to capture his victorious smile that shines the brightest in this picture.


I am looking forward for many more surprises from my only son. I love you baby.