I would consider myself young for marrying at the age of 26 for a career woman like me. My friends were asking me if I was pregnant and speculating if that was the reason why I decided to tie a knot with Mon. Of course not! Mon and I were certain that we were both destined to be together and there was no point of delaying the date of being an official Mr. and Mrs. Abilar.

When we started planning to get married, we started from scratch. We didn’t have any joint savings bank account nor both of us were born rich. We planned our wedding for at least a year of savings. Yes, we worked hard for our dream wedding and for our out of the country honeymoon. Every pay-day, we budgeted our funds to whom we are going to allocate the payment to, whether it would be paid for the venue and food reservation, for the make up artists, for the flower arrangement supplier, for my  entourage gown, for church reservation and so forth. We even requested our sales representative for our health and life insurance investment, if it would be possible to suspend our monthly payment first, so we could focus on saving for our wedding. Good thing our insurance package allowed flexible payment terms. We were blessed by some generous people who extended their help to us. My sister-in-law Ate Alimyon paid for our wedding cake. It was a great help for our budget. A close friend of mine, Miss Emma, also bought me my wedding footwear. We will forever remember your generosity to us. To save more, we decided to apply our DIY (do it your own ) skills to some of our wedding tokens and for our invitation card. It was cheaper and personalized compared to the ready-made wedding tokens. I asked help from Mr.Google again for the DIY ideas.

These are the photos of our DIY Wedding invitation and our token  that we gave to the bridal entourage.



My wedding shoes given by Miss Emma


My beautiful ladies in red.


My strength, my Papa, Mama and sister


For our out of country honeymoon, we booked the ticket a year before the actual date of the flight. I was the one handling our budget for our honeymoon trip while Mon took care of most of our wedding expenses. I was able to take advantage of my credit card reward points. Instead of paying cash to our suppliers, I paid them with my card so I could earn points,  then I deposited my full cash payment to the bank for me not to incur interest. As far as I could remember, for every 12,000 Php usage of the card entitled us for a free Jollibee chicken bucket meal. If you can just imagine how many bucket meals we had back then.

I never had imagined that it was going to be that stressful in preparing for the big celebration in our lives. It was draining both emotionally and physically. The two of us independently did all the planning of every bit of details of the wedding. Mon and I didn’t have any background about organizing any event but we were able to make it possible. If you want something done perfectly, put your heart into it from the start of the planning stage until the end. Manage your budget resources if you want to come up with a lavish grand party. Remember the entry that I posted about setting a goal ( The Power of Positive Thinking )?  We applied the formula for goal setting in our wedding preparation journey.  It was a tough but worth it JOURNEY shall I say.♥