I started my day ruining my weekly budget in going to work. I do always set a budget on how much expenses that I need to spend in traveling from our home to the office. My schedule changed just for today, as I requested for it, so I can leave early from work to attend to some family priorities. I used the same route in going to the office which I am familiar with during my regular schedule, but to my dismay the public utility Jeepney took forever before it would finally start its engine. The driver would wait until the vehicle was full of passengers. As early as 2AM, how many passengers would have travelled on this holy hour? Only a few, right? Which means I may need to spend almost an hour playing with the driver’s waiting game. I had no choice but to ride a Taxi or else I was going to be late for work.

Aside from the cost in riding a taxi, I am also scared in riding a taxi ALONE especially before sunrise. Hearing all the horror stories of women riding Taxis made me feel anxious this morning. I kept on praying that I could arrive to my office safe. PRAYERS WORK. Thanks God.☺

When I am riding a Taxi, which happens once in a blue moon, I do have some safety tips that I follow. Better safe than sorry ladies.

  1. Before riding a taxi, I do ALWAYS and ALWAYS get the plate number of the vehicle and have it texted to my husband. If anything happens, knock on wood, my husband would know what vehicle to trace for.
  2. My phone is always ready for me to call someone for help if I needed one. I don’t need to search all the pockets inside my purse during an emergency situation.
  3. I don’t display valuable and expensive materials when I am inside the Taxi. Showing expensive gadgets entices dirty minds to steal someone’s valuable possession. As much as possible, it would be best for us to keep those Cameras, tablets and any latest gadgets inside our bags and zip them up except for your phone. Keep your phone close to you.
  4. I am mindful with the information that I share to the driver. Some drivers would engage in a conversation with their passengers. I’m careful not to overshare information that may place me in danger especially discussing about financial concerns.
  5. I make it a habit to check the meter if it is not flawed and not tampered. If it seems going up to quickly or if the driver will insist to shut if off, then I’ll just simply move out of the vehicle and will get another cab.
  6. I sit on the backseat and not on the passenger’s seat making me less visible to the driver. It puts me farther out of reach as well. The less accessible I am , the less probable that I’ll be targeted.

These were just few tips that I practice in traveling alone. Have a safe travel everyone. I am now ready to start my day at work. Work work work.☺

By the way, please say Hi to this awesome vintage view that I have in my background. Lol. 📷🎥