Please say “Hello” to Akyn’s new pair of sandals before I will start sharing the meat of today’s blog entry. His Dad gave him a surprise gift last night. Aww♥ How thoughtful! Akyn slept last night holding his new footwear close to him. I guess, he just loved it so much and didn’t want the sandals to be out of his sight. What a grateful toddler!


My Mom happened to asked one of our neighbors last week about their newly delivered Sofa Set. Out of her curiosity, she asked as to where did they purchase them? She was amazed when she was told that it was an old one and they had it repaired for a cheap price. With her excitement, she run back to the house and told me that the repair men from the upholstery shop would like to check our damaged sofa.

Honestly, I was tempted to dispose this Sofa set but because of its sentimental value, I decided to keep it until I can find someone who can repair it for a cheaper cost. This is one of the few pieces of furniture that Mon and I bought after our wedding. It was our project that every pay-day we would buy one piece of furniture at home. Over time the leather cover worn out. Maybe due to the tropical weather that we have here and of course, I have a curious toddler who would like to discover things.


This is Akyn’s favorite spot. I really don’t have any idea on how he managed to create a hole on it. There was one time, I was eating my pasta in the living room and I was so absorbed watching the TV. When I was about to eat, I was astonished when I saw my plate with blue foam toppings. Akyn was so busy decorating my plate with the foam from the sofa.

I want to hug him so tight every time I can remember our cute sofa-pasta toppings incident.



Free pick up and delivery service was included on the agreement and a 50% down payment was required as well. It was last Sunday when they picked up the damage Sofa and then delivered it yesterday. Wow, that was an incredibly fast service!

Sharing you on how the newly repaired L-shaped sofa looked like now. I chose the color brown as it would match the color accent at home. I didn’t select to have another leather cover and opted to have a cloth cover instead. I have an imaginative toddler who loves creating holes for leather sofas.


Akyn was clapping his hands in excitement and was hugging the Sofa set when it was delivered. Did he miss it perhaps?


He wanted to join the photo session. He is my adorable Sofa model.


My next project is to find a throw pillow that will compliment the color of our brown L-shaped sofa. What color of throw pillow do you think matches best with it ?

Any suggestions please is appreciated.☺