I kept on postponing Akyn’s haircut day for the past 3 weeks and finally, yesterday I was able to push thru with the plan. I was hesitant at first to have his hair cut because I was expecting that he would make a scene by the moment a stranger would touch his hair. He even easily gets annoyed if I will play with his hair at home. How much more if strangers will do that to his hair.

To stop Mon from bugging me on when should we visit a barber shop, I decided to have it yesterday since it was my day off. The first barber shop that we visited didn’t have any service for baby’s haircut. So, ok the finding Nemo game begins. The second barber shop requested us to consult first with a Senior Hair Stylist before they would start cutting my son’s hair. Seriously! Where could I find a Senior Hair Stylist? I didn’t know that it was such a big deal to cut my toddler’s hair. The third barber shop named Bruno’s Barbers, finally have baby hair cut services for only P200.00 ($4.00). Affordable, isn’t it?

When we arrived, another kid was riding the barber shop’s toy car where they cut the baby’s hair while allowing the kid to play. I was excited at the same time worried on what was going to be Akyn’s reaction once his turn would come.

Sharing you the actual reaction of Akyn. I kept a video as well for him to view it in the future about his epic reaction for his first haircut experience.He wasn’t able to ride the toy car (oh sad face). The barber suggested to have someone carry him instead to control his movements and to prevent him from falling from the chair. His Grandma’s hug didn’t help him from crying nonstop.

The Barber’s reaction scratching his head while looking at Akyn loudly crying in front of the mirror is totally hilarious. I can understand as to where you were coming from Mr. Barber but I salute you for the patience that you displayed towards my son’s fear.

I felt so weird missing the old haircut of my son.

This is Akyn’s new look? What do you think? He looks like a little gentleman with his new look. My toddler suddenly became a teenager with his new hair style.

After we left the barber shop, he continued to cry and didn’t want to let go of hugging his Grandma. I thought of a brilliant idea to let him forget about his fear and brought him to the kiddie ride section. After a few minutes of enjoying the ride, his mood changed. My strategy was successful. Hooray!

We ended the day eating dinner together. By the way, it was me who chose the food that we ordered. I’m glad they loved it too.

How about you? How’s your weekend?