It was so ironic that last Friday was supposedly called as my rest day from work, however, it seemed that my day started full packed with schedules. I started my morning with a scheduled commitment as early as 9:00 AM travel time and arrived to my destination at around half past eleven in the morning, after 2 hours of getting stuck from a heavy traffic due to the unexpected rain. How terrible was that experience! I’m still thankful that the meeting was successful though I came late.
After the first task of mine, I proceeded to my second engagement which was the planned renewal of my sister’s teaching license. We ate lunch together and just after our hunger were satisfied, we started the battle of walking to find the public transport vehicle to the renewing office. I think we burnt all the calories that we consumed during our lunch. We finished renewing her license in just half an hour. I would like to commend the service provided and the easy to follow processes in renewing our professional licenses from the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines. It was fast and the staff were accommodating to their client’s inquiries.

Image courtesy from wikipilipinas

Finally, my task number 2 was accomplished. My task number 3 was my favorite among my to-do lists. Together with my husband, we agreed to bring my sister to our favorite Korean restaurant for the first time. She’s a fan of the Korean cuisine and had been requesting to dine with us to experience a different Asian food preparation. Meet my sister. ♥


This is the name of the restaurant. Their business is up for 24 hours, so whenever you feel like eating, you can drop here anytime. 🎎

This is something that amazed me. You only need to press this if you need any assistance from their waiters. No need to shout or raise your hands to get their attention. Efficient device for customer’s experience.

This is their colorful and delicious Bibimbap which came with the unlimited side dishes. According to the waiter, it’s called Bibimbap which means a mixture of rice. Interesting!



The after look of Bibimbap once  you’re done mixing all the ingredients with the fermented soybean paste.


I’ve seen this several times while watching Korean Movies and it made me curious on how a black colored noodles would taste like. Well, upon tasting it last Friday,  I would say it was absolutely tasty. They call this Jajangmyeon. 


I was so full  with the food that we ordered and satisfied on how my busy day turned out to be.


Next time, I’ll try another menu too to get familiarized with their cuisine.☺

Live ♥Love♥Laugh♥