After we roamed around the city for the first half of the day, we opted to eat our lunch first before returning back to the Gazebo Pension House. We visited the Robinson’s Place, the largest shopping mall in Dumaguete,Negros Oriental and had our lunch there.

We had a quick tour inside the mall and I was so delighted seeing Sans Rival Bistro which was one of my top priorities to visit in my bucket list. This restaurant is known for their signature dessert, the famous Silvanas. It would be very hard for someone to resist its tempting sweetness.


We wouldn’t be able to appreciate its food if we decided to eat there just after our lunch, right? So we chose to stroll around the mall first and just had our sweet dessert there after an hour or two perhaps. Great idea, what do you think?

We then stopped by first in the World of Fun (WOF) where I drained all the energies that I had consumed during my lunch. This section of the mall is my son’s favorite place. How could a loving mom say no to his happiness.

He just wouldn’t want to let go as you can see in this picture. He had 5 rides in total. Whoah!




After an energy draining activity, it’s time for me to show to you our sweet snack meal. I so love this part♥

This is the Date and Walnut Dacquoise which cost Php 65.00 ($1.3) per slice. For sweet lovers, I would recommend this cake for you. It’s really delectable and once you tasted it, you’ll forget your name after eating it. hahaha. I ordered 2 slices for us.



My Mama ordered spaghetti with cheesy toppings paired with bread. For single order it cost Php 45.00 ($0.89). I’m going to lose my diet if I will stay in Dumaguete. The food cost are not pricey but the food quality and its taste is superb.♥


For my Dad, he had a Chicken Sandwich Supreme which cost Php 80.00 ( $1.50).



We rested for an hour in Gazebo Pension House before we went for another road trip within the city.


Our next destination is the very popular landmark in the city, the Rizal Boulevard. It’s a very relaxing place to stay while enjoying the cool breeze of the wind from the sea.


You can spot different restaurants that you can choose from which were located just a stone away distance from the boulevard.


To wrap up our day, we had our dinner together with a close friend of mine. Menchu was my officemate before she resigned and decided to be a work-from-home mom. I’m so thankful to have spent time with her and we even had a chance to let our toddlers play with each other.

It was a terrific happy day well spent in the city of the gentle people. ❤🌃