It’s another milestone in our marriage life that we have achieved. Time really flies so fast. It was just as if yesterday when we both vowed in front of the altar during our wedding day and now after three years, we finally have our cute toddler with us. We have shared a lot of challenges and victories in a span of 3 years in our marriage life. We are both blessed to have found each other who are both willing to make our matrimony last for a lifetime. I love you Mon.♥

We were planning to celebrate our wedding anniversary by either simply having a family dinner within the city or by going on a beach trip. We chose the latter to celebrate it. We thought that it would be more exciting for our toddler who haven’t experienced swimming in the beach yet.

We lived in the city where several stunning beaches are available. I was able to find Karancho Beach with the aid of online suggestions. Here are some of the photos of the resort.

During weekdays their entrance fee cost Php 80.00 ($1.60) per head and Php 120.00 ($2.40) during weekends. Free entrance payment for height below 3 feet. They do not have corkage fee for food and soft drinks /water except for liquors. 1 case of beer will cost Php 500.00 ($10.00). 1 bottle of beer is for Php 150.00 ($3.00) and for imported liquor that’s Php350.00 ($7.00). The management of Karancho suggests to purchase liquor drinks inside the resort to avoid corkage fees.



This is where you can purchase their liquor drinks.



For overnight stay, the do have air conditioned beach houses available.


The resort also offers services for venue during special occasions.

Some of the areas in the resort were still under renovation.


You can play billiards here if you want.


I asked my Dad to take this shot for me and I was impressed with the results.


My human float pumper.


When your’e so mesmerized with the view and no words will come out from your mouth. hahaha. The rent for this cottage cost Php 800.00 ($16.00). A Php 1000.00 cottage rent is also available which are located at the beachfront.


This was what he was looking at





Guess who were so tired because of swimming all day.


Sun kissed skin and laughter filled day, I can’t ask for anything else. Our special day was well celebrated.