One thing that I love about unplanned trip is that there is a higher probability that it will push thru compared to those planned family get-away. I don’t have the exact rationale on why is that so but I am just basing it in my own experience.  And in line with my stand about unplanned fun time off,  I just had an amazing family unscheduled day off last weekends.

Last Saturday, my sister called me to help her decide what printer she may need to purchase for her class. It’s a classroom yearly project from the gracious heart of her students’ parents contribution. Public schools here normally do this where each students will donate an amount to come up with a school project. It’s not an obligatory act for the pupils to comply though.

We went to the mall to meet her up with the whole gang (my mom, my husband and my toddler). My dad didn’t come with us and he preferred to relax at home. He just missed one amazing fun-filled day as I may describe it.

What made it exciting then?

Aside from the fact that we all enjoyed each other’s company, we were all able to achieve our ultimate goal for visiting the shopping center.

We found a printer that was just enough for the budget of the school organization. This is the very first accomplished task that we had for the day. We didn’t unpack it yet as you can see in the photo.


My toddler had so much fun strolling around the bookstore. My sister bought him his first book and he looked so adorable when he found this reading material. He was pretending to understand  the text written on each page and mumbling words that he was the only one who could comprehend. I am not sure if other Moms can relate to how I felt about all my son’s ” First Time”. I treasure every bit of our experience seeing him reach each new milestone in his own growth and development. I just can’t wait to witness for more surprises from him.


 This is his first ever book.


We had our family dinner or shall I say snack. It was too early to be called dinner and to late to be called snack. Whatever you call it, all I know was that we’re starving. Ha-ha! Our day wouldn’t be complete if we wouldn’t eat together.

My Mom and my Husband making faces♥


My toddler and I got a new pair of tennis shoes. Whoa! It was a perfect treat from my husband. Thank you Mon.♥ But hey, this is the most interesting part of shoe shopping. I discovered a fascinating development from my 18 month old son while choosing the right pair of footwear for him. The first design was defective and we opted to look for another shoe store. My son displayed irritation for not getting our first choice. I was amazed that he can now express what he really wants when it comes to shopping. Also, he was able to process on his little brain that we were trying to buy him sneakers. Whenever we pass by a shoe store, he would initiate to drop by and check the items. This is another first time for me seeing him eagerly wanting to buy those little flattering footwear.


His cute blue footwear.


And my white babies. I just so love them.


I was offered with this easy to apply shoe cleaner for only Php 145.00 ($2.90). Not bad right for its price?


Lastly,  I got these three mini containers to organize all my DIY small stuff. It’s very useful especially if you have kids at home. We need to keep all those small coins, pins, buttons, etc. out of reach of children to avoid choking incidents.


Happy weekends everyone. I just had a blast of happiness with them.